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This Is How Our Story Began

As a loving mother and wife, and dedicated employee for 31 years with the City of Charlotte, she never gave up on her passion.  In her continued love for fashion, she began judging for a host of pageant platforms.  Not seeing what she wanted to see on stage, she created her own all-natural pageant organization called Carolina Girls Rock Pageants (CGRP) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  CGRP focuses on building self-esteem and confidence, empowering, and encouraging all girls to achieve their dreams by providing workshops prior to competition.  When not judging or producing pageants, Donna provides coaching to females of all ages.  Currently, her record speaks for itself with more than 75+ awards and titles for her pageant queens in 3 years.  She loves volunteering and working with non-profit organizations providing training on manners, respect, etiquette and so much more.


With years of experience in the fashion, event planning and pageantry business, making a first impression is of upmost importance.  Her creative vision and unique ideas are propelled by her determination to succeed.  Her passion, dreams and faith are the driving force behind everything she does and her passionate response is reflected in her love for others. 


Donna states that “there is no such thing as winning and losing; what’s most important is winning and learning”.  Always remember who you are and obedience to God always brings blessings!

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Accomplishments of Clients

Miss NC NAM Jr. Pre-Teen Title (Five consecutive years) * Best Selling Authors * Miss New York Teen USA(Top 10) * New York Fashion Week Models * Mrs. India North Carolina Title * Miss Princess India North Carolina Title *Miss NC NAM Jr. Teen Title * Miss NC IUM Teen Title * Miss NC IUM Jr. Pre-Teen Title *Miss Rolesville Pre-Teen Title * Miss United States Pre-Teen Title * Miss Onslow County Teen Title * Top Five yearly - National American Miss Pageants - Optional Wins in Talent, Top Model, Casualwear Modeling, Actress, and Personality

Kate Satchwill

I just soooo enjoy your posts!!! You're beautifully smart and generous to coach these young girls!!! Making a difference for girls makes a difference for the world.  Affecting gender and racial change for all of us.  I miss my work with the City of Charlotte Community Relations especially because of women like you. 

2020 Ms India North Carolina, Kavitha Vyata

Thank you so much for coming and staying for the entire Miss India North Carolina Pageant.  I wouldn't have WON without your support and coaching.  So, so many thanks, sorry I couldn't properly meet you since you coached me through FaceTime,.  They were busy taking photos all evening.  Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" and "Hug".  I definitely would like you to continue to coach me and go to Nationals later this year,  I will call you to prepare.  Again, Thank you

Patrice Bush, Author and Entrepreneur

We have always believed in the theory that "it takes a village".  Donna Murrell I am grateful that you are part of our village.  Initially met you because you gave my oldest daughter Kylah, an opportunity to sing at one of your events and from there you begin to mentor and coach my little ones.  Trinity has always loved the stage but has GROWN leaps and bounds by having your guidance.  Jurnee, has always been our shy baby but let me tell you, Carolina Girls Rock Pageant brought out a child that we didn't know existed.  Thank you for being part of our village, Donna, we could not be more grateful for your love and care for our girls...all 3 of them.  You are all Carolina Girls who ROCK!

Nichelle Nelson

Donna, I am soooo very proud of you for always continuing YOUR dream and your vision to give these girls and all of us the very best of yourself.  Your time and your undying passion for loving these girls and getting them to accomplish their biggest dreams are just the tip of the iceberg for what GOD has in store for you.  YOU are my bestie and I'm so grateful I get to be a part of your vision and you are HANDS DOWN the Best Pageant Coach ever!  We love and appreciate you.

Sheena Jean-Jumeau

Thank you so much for another great season of Carolina Girls Rock Pageant!  Everyone spoke great things about this event, the girls came with it this year!  Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.  You did an outstanding job once again.  Londyn had an amazing time and learned alot along the way.

Carrie B. Cook

EmpowHERment - Mentorship/Talent Development/Advocacy ........ Thank you for your recent contribution to EmpowHERment.  Because of you, we are able to fulfill our mission of empowering girls and women to lead through mentorship, talent development and advocacy.  We look forward to staying connected with you and providing updates on the impact that your gift allows us to create.  When she succeeds, we succeed!  Thank you for supporting HER 

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